Green Point Company checks its goods through the International Organization SGS and that’s to guarantee the quality for both sides. Also all other means of transport put Temperature Recorder to allow the customer to check what happened through the shipping.
Also we use the Tracking number, as we supervise and recognize the product through Barcode from the beginning of Growing to the International Market.
In addition to convenience and quality, food safety is always on top priority. Hygienic conditions are strictly monitored and followed  in every section of the plant.  The total traceability of the product is ensured throughout the processing and storage by proper identification and records on every stage. Right from selection of the choices fruit, vegetables and processed food adhere to the highest internationally approved standards of procurement, processing, packaging and quality control.
All fruits are sourced directly from select orchards, with special emphasis on the optimum ripening of the fruit prior to processing. The fruit is sorted, machine washed , tagged and then put through an automatic continuous process of sterilization / pasteurization. For Frozen products, the product is quickly chilled to minus 20C prior to filling and freezing.
Our frequent onsite quality control inspections with growers and packers ensure that we supply products that both adhere to country of destination requirements while also meeting individual customer requirements.  we have qualified personnel who conduct comprehensive tests With precise analyses and specifications at their fingertips .  our clients can always buy the desired quality.
To assure that the standards and food safety are maintained right across the supply chain. Our Separate storage for fruits, vegetables and processed food further improve quality