Large, with a sweet Crunch, stems so green and fresh and beautifully shaped bunches. 
Green point is Keen to deliver the best quality to their customers so, the largest operating grape plantation is located on the same site as packing house , meaning grapes are cooled immediately and that’s guaranteeing maximum freshness 
Varieties: Superior,  
A pale yellow-green seedless medium size fruit that has a light, sweet flavor wrapped in a crisp skin 
Size: +18mm 
Are Seedless Pinkish red grapes and are medium-large in size they have crisp skin, a good level of sweetness, Crunchy and transit holding patterns.  
Size: 18 mm+ 
are medium light red fruit with a crisp skin and a sweet flavor. They are seedless and firmly attached to the stem. 
Size: 16 mm+ 
 Red Globe 
Are large round fruit with bluish pink color and few seeds, they are sweet with good juice content and crunchy.  
Size: 20mm+ 
Packing: 5 Kg Carton contains 8-9 plastic bags X 500 Gm. 
                :5.5 kg Carton contains 11 punnet X 500 Gm.  

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