Why Choose Green Point.


You’ve likely heard that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for you. However, you may be questioning why this notion has become so popular in recent years. While choosing fresh produce can help you eat healthier, the advantages don’t stop there. If you are on the fence, here are some of the ways partnering with greenpoint can benefit you or your customers.


Over time, produce will begin to lose nutritional value. Not only does this make fruits and vegetables taste less enjoyable, it limits how good the produce actually is for you. For this reason, it is important to get your produce at the peak of freshness to ensure the nutritional value is as high as possible and retain the great taste that your customers expect.

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Products Range

Egypt and Chile is well Known for Centuries as the world’s Food Basket, our Products range includes all Egyptian & Chilean origin fruits & Vegetables either fresh or frozen. 
You can check our following products

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Fruits All the Year 

As we have our Branch in Chile so we continues supplying our products for the whole season so we guarantee to you best selling and products diversity.  

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We are doing our business with best controls, as we know that the quality is always first so we always care about it quality is the critical issue of agriculture products ,So we choose our experts team Accurately to secure the best specification and best selecting, sorting, processing and packing for each product according to destination specs.  

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Products Inspections  

We use international companies for inspection like SGS, also we  are certified for our plantation from Agro Management we have Global gape Certification and we continue our devolvement at plantation to achieved your needs.  

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