Why choose

Green Point Company is considered a pioneer in the field of exporting agricultural products in Egypt with the head office in Tanta City– Egypt, and two international Branches first one in Santiago City –Chile and second one in Chittagong City Bangladesh and we continue to reaches the world wide.  

Green point company was founded at the beginning of 2010 with a team work of the best experts in the field of export and import, we have the full experience gained from our work in the giant companies in this field and this is the reason that gave us the strength of the founding of this company to raise Egypt’s name high among all the nations of the world 

We know the secret of successful exporting which is to give your customers what they want with a wide assortment of good quality Products and certainly with the lowest possible prices. 

Our Mission

To be a strong and dynamic company providing creative, innovative product and solution to Meet and satisfy customer’s need and requirement. we achieve our goals with the experience and ongoing training of our teams, and for that we have a special teams for sales, another for shipping, another for marketing, another for import, another for implementation and another for service after sales to follow up with the clients, check the delivering of the cargo, the documents and receiving the proposals of our customers, which is primarily to us.

Our main purpose

Is to provide high quality Products with competitive price to all countries and for that The company has a department for follow-up the products from the first cut till the arrival to your hands and this guaranteed to you the satisfaction of what you purchase, and where we have the satisfied of the customers is the most important thing we Strive to it within timely manner, and for that the company gained wide reputation for being distinctive in choosing, preparing and packing the best products to comply.